Medical insurance now records dynamic adjustment, start new crown drugs, centralized purchase of drugs and so on


The dynamic adjustment of

medical insurance has been started, and new crown drugs and centralized purchasing drugs are expected to be included in

Author: Guo Jinhui

Since September 1, this year, the adjustment mechanism of current medical insurance record will be changed to \ On March 3, the State Medical Insurance Bureau released the \ The biased draft of

was formulated according to the \ This year is the first adjustment after the establishment of the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the current medical insurance record. The bias draft selects seven categories of drugs that are currently off the list and can be included in the list of new drugs to be added in 2020.

(0} including drugs for the treatment of respiratory system diseases related to new coronary fever; drugs included in the national essential drug list (2018 Edition); drugs included in the list of urgently needed overseas new drugs, encouraged to register generic drugs now or encouraged to develop and declare children's drugs list, Henan kuaishan online injection, and approved by the State Drug Administration before December 31, 2019 Fast three online betting, the second batch of national structured drugs meta procurement of selected drugs and so on.

Since the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, the State Medical Insurance Bureau has issued the \

the adjustment of the current record will also focus on the behavior of \ Xu Yucai, an expert in medical reform and deputy director of Shanyang County Health Bureau of Shaanxi Province, told reporters from the first finance and economics department that it was a bright spot to include the drugs included in the national essential drugs current record (2018 Edition) in the biased draft. This regulation is clear, including the drugs in the current record of basic drugs into the current record, which can make the clinical medication of lower level medical institutions more convenient and medical insurance The current record is also linked with the progress of basic medicine policy.

Xu Yucai saw the \ The biased draft also singled out the drugs that appeared around the recorded drugs. One is the drugs that have been partially revoked, revoked or published by the State Drug Administration; the other is the drugs that are evaluated as having greater risk than profit by considering the factors such as clinical value, adverse reactions and drug economy.

In the adjustment of the current record of the 2019 edition, a total of 150 varieties were transferred out, mainly the drugs whose numbers were partially revoked by the State Drug Administration, and the drugs with low clinical value, clear abuse and more favorable substitutes. In addition to the drugs whose serial numbers were partially revoked by the State Drug Administration, a total of 79 varieties were transferred out last time. Such drugs will appear in the record, which is conducive to the transfer of more people to save life and emergency medicine to make room.

According to

biased draft, the adjustment of current record of drugs in 2020 can be divided into five stages: preparation, enterprise application, expert review, negotiation and bidding, and announcement of effect. The enterprise declaration will be launched this month, and then negotiation and bidding will be carried out in October and November. At the end of the year, the National Health Insurance Bureau will announce the adjustment effect of the current registration of drugs and issue a new version of the current registration of drugs.

Xu Yucai believes that medical insurance now records the benefits of too many people, and its medication management methods should be popularized and solicited biases from all parties, especially from medical institutions, medical personnel and patients. He expects that some of the authorities can adopt these biases.

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